Laura Foraster, Secretary General of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia

Welcome to the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia, Diplocat, a public-private consortium that has been working since 2012 to publicize the values and assets of Catalonia to international public opinion, to give our country a voice in major global debates, to establish bonds of trust with the citizens and institutions of other countries, and to promote the training of young people and professionals in the field of international relations.

Based on the legacy of the Patronat Catalunya Món (2007) and the Patronat Català Pro Europa (1982), a pioneering entity in relations with the EU, Diplocat has the dual mission of bringing Catalonia closer to the world and the world closer to Catalonia.

The consortial nature of Diplocat, with a diverse and cross-cutting structure, makes it a suitable instrument of support to all civil society actors in Catalonia who wish to become involved and participate in international forums, contributing their point of view on the building of a fairer, more peaceful, more democratic and more sustainable society.

In the digital era, companies, universities, cities, local entities, social movements and the general public are increasingly playing a role in the global governance of an interconnected world. Aware of this new reality, Diplocat brings together a wide variety of voices and deploys a wide range of public diplomacy tools to bring civil society and the institutions of Catalonia closer to the international sphere and thus help meet the challenges faced by Catalonia.

Fostering the image of Catalonia and creating a positive public opinion abroad directly affect the attractiveness of investments, knowledge, institutions and people, while helping to connect, create links and consolidate relations of friendship and trust with the rest of the world. Diplocat therefore serves the country as an instrument for participation in major global debates, guaranteeing plurality and multidimensionality at all times.

I invite you to visit the various sections of the website to discover in more detail how Diplocat connects, projects and empowers to foster international dialogue.

Laura Foraster i Lloret

Secretary General of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia

Last updated: 05/11/2019

Diplocat has the dual mission of bringing Catalonia closer to the world and the world closer to Catalonia.

Laura Foraster i Lloret (Barcelona, 1976) holds a degree in Business Administration from the Pompeu Fabra University, a degree in Humanities from the Open University of Catalonia and a master's degree in European Studies from the KU Leuven, in addition to specific training in public diplomacy and electoral observation missions. From 2012 to 2018 she was the executive director of Diplocat and had previously served as chief of cabinet of Josep Huguet when he was Catalan minister of Trade, Tourism and Consumer Affairs (2003-2006) and Catalan minister of Innovation, Universities and Business (2006-2010). Prior to these positions, she worked in Brussels, undertaking various jobs in the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, the Delegation of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia to the European Union and the European Parliament. She has been secretary general of Diplocat since 17 December 2018.

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