Seven Catalan chefs show the key elements of the Mediterranean diet

In a set of eight videos resulting from an initiative of the New York-based Farragut Fund and DIPLOCAT's #BooksAndRoses campaign

Within the framework of its #BooksAndRoses campaign, DIPLOCAT and the Farragut Fund of New York made eight videos with Catalan chefs promoting the Mediterranean products and diet. As they are intended for an international audience, all the short videos on "How to ... Mediterranean Diet" are subtitled in English.

In each video, a renowned Catalan chef shows an ingredient or set of products characteristic of the Catalan cuisine and the Mediterranean diet. To close the video, the chefs also make a brief book recommendation. This is because the videos were made in the context of the Sant Jordi or #BooksAndRoses festival in New York.

The available videos are:

  • How to olive oil. Ferran Adrià talks about the importance of olive oil for Catalan cuisine with a simple and original recipe. Video recorded in the Empordà region.
  • How to market. Chef and kitchen stylist Amanda Laporte visits the Boqueria market in Barcelona, shows the fresh products available and gives some tips to keep in mind when visiting a market.
  • How to dessert. Christian Escribà explains how to make crema catalana from his pastry shop in Barcelona while explaining the historical origin of this recipe.
  • How to greens. Fina Puigdevall, from Les Cols restaurant in Olot, makes a recipe with seasonal vegetables previously collected in her garden.
  • How to legume. Marc Puig-Pey, from Fundació Alícia, talks about the importance of legumes and makes an empedrat.
  • How to seafood. Mateu Casañas, from Cadaqués, shows the importance of fresh seafood in Catalan cuisine.
  • How to wine. Josep Roca, sommelier at El Celler de Can Roca, talks about the diversity of wines made in Catalonia and their characteristics.
  • How to Mediterranean Diet Q&A. In the last video, all participants answer a short questionnaire about their culinary and gastronomic preferences.