Literary debate in Barcelona between two Latin American writers

Event part of the collaboration between Casa Amèrica Catalunya and Diplocat.

Latin American writers Jordi Soler (Mexico, son of an exiled Catalan in Mexico) and Héctor Abad Faciolince (Colombia) have reflected on the role of secondary characters in literary works in an event that was held this afternoon at the headquarters of Casa Amèrica Catalunya in Barcelona. The journalist Olga Merino has moderated the literary evening, jointly organized by Diplocat and Casa Amèrica Catalunya.

Both authors have reflected on the importance of unleashing their imagination as they write their works. For Héctor Abad, the most important thing is to find a general tone in the narration. For his part, Jordi Soler has talked about the importance of the jungle landscape in his works, even as a protagonist of his novels. In general, both agreed that the characters of their works appear as they write and some at the end do not appear in the final book, although they can be kept for other publications.

During the evening, Soler and Abad also talked about their relationship with social networks. For Abad social networks are devastating, although he acknowledged that years before he thought that they would liberate the world. Jordi Soler, on the other hand, said that he uses Twitter as a source of inspiration, even though he is aware that his personal profile is not reality, but an anthology of realit.

The last book published by Jordi Soler is "Usos rudimentarios de la selva" (Alfaguara, 2018). As for Héctor Abad, his latest book is "Una bolita plateada" (Standard Table, 2018), which is also the first children's literature book he writes.