Barcelona, new World Capital of Time related Policies

DIPLOCAT is one of the signatories of the Barcelona Declaration on Time Policies, approved in October 2021

DIPLOCAT attended the launch ceremony of Barcelona as a World Capital of Time Policies that took place today at the city council of the Catalan capital. Laura Foraster Lloret, secretary general of DIPLOCAT, attended the event together with representatives of other signatory entities of the Barcelona Declaration on Time Policies, approved in October of 2021 during the Time Use Week.

Various projects will take place during the period in which Barcelona holds its status as world capital, in the years 2022 and 2023. One of them is the promotion of the Time Policies Network of Local and Regional Governments, made up by local and regional bodies from Catalonia, France, and Italy. During the coming two years, the city will also continue to host the Time Use Week.

DIPLOCAT signed the Barcelona Declaration, together with 75 institutions and research centres from around the world, calling for the recognition of time related rights as basic citizenry rights. The Declaration's goal is the development and implementation of time policies that improve people's life quality and deals with aspects such as the impact of digitalisation, teleworking, work-life balance and sustainable mobility, among others. The aim is that this agreement becomes the basis of the future path to follow by the EU specific recommendations on time related rights during the period 2022-2024.