The II Vocational Training Congress of Catalonia will take place on 1 June in Barcelona

Co-organized by PIMEC and DIPLOCAT, it will present cases of good international practice from Denmark, Germany and Ireland

The Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona will host the II Vocational Training Congress of  Catalonia on 1 June, co-organized by PIMEC and DIPLOCAT. The event will be live-streamed. The first edition of the congress took place with great success in November 2019.

Vocational training is a strategic and country-based tool designed to provide a flexible and quality response to the training needs of individuals and companies, while promoting employment, competitiveness and social inclusion. Its goals include bringing out talent and the ability to take on the challenges of the job market, thereby fostering a qualitative and competitive recovery.

The II Congress will analyse the policy of vocational training promotion of the European Union, by means of the vision of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop). International best practices from Denmark, Germany and Ireland will also be presented. The congress is also an invitation to consensus for a major social pact on vocational training, which expands and deploys those key elements that act as real levers of progress: guidance, prospecting, innovation and networking.

The promotion committee of the congress includes Foment del Treball Nacional and trade unions CCOO de Catalunya and UGT de Catalunya, and the meeting is sponsored by CaixaBank.