Llibert Ferri talks about the former USSR and Putin's Russia with members of the DIPLOCAT Alumni network

They are former students of DIPLOCAT's Master's Degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Action and scholarship recipients

DIPLOCAT's Alumni network is in the process of creation and will be made up of former students of the Master in Diplomacy and Foreign Action (MDAE), beneficiaries of the consortium's scholarship programme and former interns. Some of them met yesterday with Llibert Ferri, a Catalan journalist specializing in the former Soviet Union, recently awarded with the XVII Ernest Udina European Career Award by the Catalan Association of European Journalists (APEC).

The secretary general of DIPLOCAT, Laura Foraster i Lloret, welcomed the attendees and introduced the guest. He also spoke of the intention to boost DIPLOCAT's Alumni network, "to energize and encourage continuous training among MDAE alumni, former scholarship holders and former DIPLOCAT trainees". For his part, Llibert Ferri began his speech by quoting statements from various personalities about the war in Ukraine and then offered some of his own ideas and interpretation keys about the current crisis, in addition to analyzing the trajectory and leadership by Vladimir Putin.

Llibert Ferri reported on Catalonia's public broadcaster TV3 for twenty years (1987-2007) about the former USSR and the countries of the Soviet orbit, a geographical area that experienced great changes, from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the 'USSR, to the EU and NATO access of many countries of the former Eastern bloc. Ferri is the author of several documentaries on TV3, has written press articles and published several books on the subject.