Muhammad Ali Amir-Moezzi talks about the diversity of Islam in Barcelona

Invited by DIPLOCAT, he is a prestigious Franco-Iranian expert, director of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris

Professor Muhammad Ali Amir-Moezzi, director of Islamic Studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris, has been invited to Barcelona by DIPLOCAT. On Tuesday, he gave a talk on the diversity of Islam at the Athenaeum of Barcelona, and today he met at DIPLOCAT headquarters with Andreu Claret, member of the organization's Advisory Council, and Gemma Aubarell, head of the Service of the Mediterranean and European Networks of the Government of Catalonia. Awarded the Legion of Honor of France in 2022, Amir-Moezzi is one of the foremost specialists in Imamite Shia thought and theology, Islamic mysticism and classical Persian poetry, and his reflections on the plurality of Islam are widely recognized throughout the world.

In his talk at the Athenaeum of Barcelona, Amir-Moezzi offered some figures to show that there is no single Islam. He explained, for example, that only 15% of Muslims, those who profess the Islamic religion based on the Koran, are Arabs. The three countries in the world with more followers of the Prophet Muhammad are Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and therefore they are not Arab. If we analyze the culture of Islam in these three countries, and add that of the Arab countries, we will see that these are very different cultures. Amir-Moezzi also referred to "political Islam", which according to him is what has given rise to the current wars.

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