DIPLOCAT's Plenary approves the Activity Report for 2022

The entity's highest governing body, chaired by Meritxell Serret, has also received the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 Compliance Report

DIPLOCAT's Plenary met online today at noon, chaired by the Catalan Minister of Foreign Affairs and the European Union, Meritxell Serret i Aleu, by delegation of the President of the Catalan Government, Pere Aragonès, who is also the President of DIPLOCAT and the Plenary. Serret welcomed the attendees and thanked all the entities that are part of the consortium for their involvement and collaboration, especially with regard to the renewal process of the Statutes.

The Plenary has unanimously approved the Activity Report for 2022 [PDF in Catalan], with the corresponding financial settlement, as well as the audit report and the annual accounts of last year. The person in charge of presenting the balance sheet was the DIPLOCAT's secretary general, Laura Foraster i Lloret. She celebrated that 2022 has been the year of normalization after the pandemic, which has made it possible to organize a total of 39 activities and recover some that had to be stopped in previous years, such as the international visitor programmes and trips abroad with exchanges of good practices.

Foraster also presented the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 Compliance Report [PDF in Catalan], with the objective "to take stock and for public accountability, from both citizens and the member entities of the consortium represented in the Plenary, as should be done by any institution that receives public funding". Foraster said that there are two reasons that make this 2019-2022 balance special: firstly, because in 2019 public activity resumed after the failed attempt to politically liquidate DIPLOCAT, and secondly, because the covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on these years and has forced a major reformulation of its actions and way of working.

Among the figures included in the Strategic Plan 2019-2022 Compliance Report, the following stand out:

  • 120 organized activities, with 6,900 attendees, 640 speakers and 9,995 video views
  • 47 monitoring reports of Catalonia abroad
  • 35 scholarships for international and Euro-Mediterranean studies abroad
  • 43 publications (in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German)
  • 33,912 followers on social networks
  • 52,637 web visits, more than half of which from outside Catalonia
  • 2,567 subscribers to the electronic newsletter
  • 159 media impacts

Among the last points to be discussed was the information on the modification of the consortium's Statutes. Minister Serret explained that the process is in its final phase, that agreements and consensus with the member entities have been prioritized to speed, and that now we must wait for the constitution of the new city and regional councils to be able to face the final stretch.