Eight new students are awarded a DIPLOCAT Scholarship to pursue their studies abroad

Five male and three female successful candidates will pursue Euro-Mediterranean and international studies in the UK, France, Poland and Belgium

The Secretary-General of DIPLOCAT, Laura Foraster i Lloret, had an encounter today with the five male and three female successful candidates who have been awarded a DIPLOCAT Scholarship and who will start their Master's degree studies abroad. Ms Foraster congratulated the successful candidates of this 40th Scholarship programme to reward students pursuing international studies and the 5th to reward students carrying out Euro-Mediterranean Studies at the Europa College Natolin Campus in Warsaw, both awarded for the next 2023-2024 academic year.

The DIPLOCAT Scholarship Programme awards grants every year to students pursuing studies in international relations, with a more wide-ranging perspective, at any foreign university, and also to those pursuing Euro-Mediterranean Studies at the Europa College Natolin Campus in Warsaw.

The eight successful candidates will this year undertake Master's degree courses in Security, Politics and Cultural Management, European Economic Studies, European Law, and European Interdisciplinary Studies. They will pursue their studies in the UK, France, Poland and Belgium.

The Secretary-General of DIPLOCAT highlighted that the aim of the DIPLOCAT Scholarship Programme is to provide specialised training in issues related to International Relations to candidates who in the future will be able to contribute to the international projection of the image of Catalonia. The latest awards for 2023-2024 bring to 318 the total of Catalan students who have benefited from these Scholarships since their creation in 1983, and which will be celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

This Programme forms part of DIPLOCAT's "Empower" strategy, which aims to encourage the training and raise the awareness of citizens in terms of international relationships. DIPLOCAT also offers training in International Relations to the entities that are members of the Consortium and to Catalan pubic administration staff, through specialised training courses.