Opening of the 4th training seminar on European funds

It includes a session on the European Green Deal

Today, Tuesday 26 September, sees the start of the fourth edition of the training seminar on European funds organised by DIPLOCAT and the two municipal entities that form part of the consortium, the Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM) and the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia (FMC), with the collaboration of the Department of Foreign Action and European Union of the Government of Catalonia, the Public Administration School of Catalonia (EAPC) and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

Laura Foraster i Lloret, Secretary General of DIPLOCAT, Meritxell Budó, President of the ACM and mayor of La Garriga, Olga Arnau, President of the FMC Management Committee, and Ismael Peña, Director of the EAPC, welcomed the participants at the opening ceremony.

This year, the seminar is to be held mostly electronically, although there will also be some face-to-face sessions. The course is to last for a total of 48 hours and has been extremely successful, with a total of 241 people enrolled. Speakers taking part include experts from the European Commission and the Generalitat, university professors, and representatives from various local administrations with experience managing European funds.

This year, the training programme pays special attention to the Next Generation EU funds, as well as the different programmes and funds for the 2021-2027 period. Throughout the seminar, speakers will also discuss good practices in obtaining European funds in Catalonia. New to this year is the inclusion of a session on the European Green Deal. The classes have been designed as weekly, three-hour sessions which explain the funding programmes and the theoretical sessions will be combined with the presentation of practical experiences and two practical workshops. The training will last until February of next year.