MEDIMED 2023 is back face-to-face and is bringing 250 professionals to Sitges

The 24th edition of the international market for European and Mediterranean documentaries, organised by APIMED and DIPLOCAT, takes place from 12 to 15 October

The Association of Independent Producers of the Mediterranean (APIMED) and DIPLOCAT are organising the 24th edition of the international market for European and Mediterranean documentaries, which is back face-to-face and is bringing together 250 professionals from all over the world to Sitges for a few days. MEDIMED DOC Market's primary objective is to bring together independent producers and international broadcasters, financing funds, distributors, sales agents and festival programmers. The aim is to facilitate commercial and professional exchanges and promote audiovisual co-production between Catalonia, the European Union and the countries of the southern Mediterranean (Maghreb, Middle East and Turkey).

MEDIMED 2023 will feature 56 documentary projects in various stages of development from 25 countries. A total of 250 documentary industry professionals from over fifty countries have been accredited, representing 65 television channels and 20 international distributors, as well as funding funds such as the Doha Film Institute (Qatar), Catapult Film Fund (USA), Women Make Movies (USA) and Jordan Film Fund (Jordan), among others. With Sergi Doladé in charge, the work carried out in the 23 previous editions has made MEDIMED an unmissable event for international documentary film professionals.

The MEDIMED 2023 programme includes the Pitching Forum, dedicated to a selection of 25 projects from 14 countries; Industry Talks, information sessions on various topics related to the documentary industry; the Docs Gallery, offering a selection of over 400 documentaries produced in the period 2022-23 in the Euro-Mediterranean region; and the Speedy Pitch Meetings section, dedicated to 23 projects at various stages of development. There are also planned to be around 1,000 bilateral meetings. Major international broadcasters and distributors are present at the market, including ARTE, ARTE G.E.I.E., AL JAZEERA, ASHARQ DOCUMENTARY, BBC, BBC ARABIC, CANAL+, DMC, HTP8, MOVISTAR+, POV, RAI, RTS, TVC, TVE, TG4, TRT WORLD, VRT, YLE i ZDF.

The Catalan projects participating in the different sections of the market are:

  • A Sacred Lie ' Ventura Durall ' Nanouk Films
  • Crusade and Cross ' Manuel Rodríguez González ' Lukimedia
  • Wet the Gunpowder ' Alfonso Domingo and Diego Mas Trelles ' Minimal Films
  • The Retreat ' Tian Riba and Oriol Bosch ' Sábado Películas, El Terrat Speedy Pitch:
  • All The Past Ahead a Story of Spanish Dance ' Mallerich Films, Rétroviseur Productions (France)
  • Breathe, Mom ' Meri Collazos ' Alba Sotorra Produccions
  • Don't Fuck With Johan ' Duncan McMath ' ZoomSport Films
  • Mechanics For Peace ' Susana Guardiola ' Stories By Susana Guardiola, Les films d'ici (France)
  • My Sextortion Diary ' Patricia Franquesa ' Gadea Films, Ringo Media
  • Qui Som? ' Salvador Sunyer ' Materia Cinema, Avalon, Les Films d'ici (France)

MEDIMED is organised by the International Association of Independent Mediterranean Producers (APIMED), chaired by the Catalan producer Isona Passola, and by DIPLOCAT, and is supported by the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (ICEC), the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), the Barcelona Provincial Council and Sitges Town Council.