DIPLOCAT invites eight foreign journalists to a human towers exhibition in Vilafranca del Penedès

From Finland, Norway, Morocco, Tunisia, Bosnia, the Netherlands and UK

As part of the organization's international visitors program, this week DIPLOCAT has invited a group of foreign journalists to get to know first-hand one of the most unique and spectacular Catalan traditions: human towers, or "castells" in Catalan. The delegation was made up of eight journalists from Finland, Norway, Morocco, Tunisia, Bosnia, the Netherlands and the UK, who on Wednesday were in Vilafranca's Plaça de la Vila to attend live the exhibition on 1 November All Saints Day.

The journalists began their program on Monday in Barcelona by visiting the headquarters of DIPLOCAT, where they met with the secretary general, Laura Foraster i Lloret, and subsequently visited the recently opened Museum of Forbidden Art. In the evening, already in Vilafranca, they attended the last rehearsal of the local human towers team at their headquarters, Cal Figarot. On Tuesday, they were received by the Federation of Catalan Human Towers Teams and visited the also new Món Casteller museum in Valls, and closed the day by visiting a Penedès winery.

Finally, on Wednesday they were able to experience the excitement of the human towers on the ground, with the performance of the teams Castellers de Vilafranca, Capgrossos de Mataró, Borinots de Sants and Xiquets de Tarragona. After a few days learning about the origin, values ​​and importance of this centuries-old tradition for Catalonia, the eight journalists witnessed the first construction of an 9d9f (9 levels, 9 people in each trunk level) by the local team in the history of human towers.