DIPLOCAT promotes Catalonia abroad with a series of short videos

The #ILoveCatalonia campaign protagonists are members of the consortium's Advisory Council

Next week, DIPLOCAT will launch a social media campaign aimed at the international audience with the aim of showing and promoting some of Catalonia's assets and values in the fields of ecology, landscape, science, culture or sport. The campaign, which is called and uses the hashtag #ILoveCatalonia, consists of a series of 12 short videos that will be distributed via YouTube, X (the social network formerly known as Twitter) and Instagram.

The protagonists of the videos are all members of DIPLOCAT's Advisory Council, the consortium's advisory body, made up of people of recognized prestige and international experience in the fields of economics, politics, international affairs or other related areas of interest with the functions of the entity. The participants and the general topic that each one talks about are the following: Anna Schlegel (technology); Roderic Guigó (science); Jordi Savall (music); Bodil Valero (ecology); Andreu Claret (open society); Matthew Tree (culture); Isona Passola (culture); Nick Cull (story); Josep-Antoni Garí (ideas); Montserrat Feixas (refugees); Xavier O'Callaghan (sport); and Tomàs Marquès-Bonet (ecology).

Every participant has chosen the location that best matches the content of his or her message. Among the places that appear in the videos are the city of Girona, the lake of Banyoles, the natural park of Montseny and the town of Prades, in southern Catalonia. Among the venues in Barcelona such emblematic places as the Fossar de les Moreres, the Pedralbes Monastery, the Ateneu Barcelonès, the historic building Of the University of Barcelona, the Biomedical Research Park and the Palau Blaugrana of FC Barcelona.

The videos will be issued weekly from February to June. During the second half of March and the month of April, the #ILoveCatalonia campaign will be interrupted and another campaign linked to Catalonia's Day of Books and Roses will be activated, with videos recommending translations of Catalan literary works.