Human towers in Poland

The College of Europe campus in Natolin hosts an exhibition of Catalan culture

Castellers a Natolín

A display of Catalan culture organized by DIPLOCAT with the collaboration of the Federation of Catalan Human Towers Teams took place today in Warsaw (Poland). The initiative came from the DIPLOCAT Euro-Mediterranean studies grantees who are on the College of Europe campus in Natolin this year. During the cultural week that this institution dedicates every year to present the different nationalities that gather on campus, the students decided to present one of Catalonia's most unique and spectacular traditions, which is also a UNESCO intangible heritage: human towers.

With the title "Catalan World Heritage in Natolin: live the human tower experience", the activity began with a presentation of the origin, history and values of this centuries-old tradition and the viewing of a video, by Cristina Sánchez and Joan Ibarra, from the Federation of Catalan Human Towers Teams. Afterwards, a practical workshop with the collaboration of university students took place.

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