Composer Leon Gurvitch will be in Barcelona to commemorate the centenary of Stravinsky's visit

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First talk of the cycle "Creating: from emotions to the piece of art", co-organized by DIPLOCAT and the Athenaeum of Barcelona

Igor Stravinsky visited Catalonia on 19 March 1924, invited by the Commonwealth of Catalonia. Among the scheduled activities was a visit to the Athenaeum of Barcelona, where he listened to sardanes, the music accompanying Catalonia's national dance, in the garden and was impressed by the piece "Juny" by Juli Garreta. It is said that at the end of the last chord, Stravinsky shouted "More Garreta!".

A century later, DIPLOCAT and the Athenaeum of Barcelona want to commemorate this anniversary by inviting Leon Gurvitch, a Belarusian composer and pianist based in Germany. In an event that will take place next Tuesday, 19 March, at 6 p.m., in the Oriol Bohigas Hall of the Athenaeum, Gurvitch will be accompanied by Catalan composer Joan Magrané and Albert Fontelles, musician, musicologist and expert in sardanes. Both Gurvitch and La Cobla Sant Jordi will perform.

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