Presentation of the Palumba app at the European Youth Event of Forlì

With the collaboration of DIPLOCAT

The European Youth Event organized this weekend by the University of Bologna took place in the Italian city of Forlì, bringing together more than 2,000 young people. On Saturday, the Palumba app was presented, a mobile app designed to encourage young people to vote in the next European elections in June. About fifty participants attended the presentation session, which was carried out in collaboration with DIPLOCAT.

Palumba is a European initiative with Catalan roots, as its promoter is Pol Villaverde, who has developed it with a multidisciplinary team from several countries. Villaverde and the other members of Palumba EU took advantage of the meeting in Forlì to establish alliances with other youth organizations and Italian institutions. The regional service of Eurodesk echoed the app among a network of schools in Emilia-Romagna and several posts on social networks helped to make it known among young Italians, to the point of becoming the most downloaded app in the country.