Debate on the integrative role of sport

Diplocat is collaborating in a digital debate organized on Thursday 10 September by the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the United States

The big headlines in the world of football are the ones that fill the media every day, but little is said about the integrative role that sport plays, on many levels, both among players and among fans. This is precisely the central theme of a digital debate organized by the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the United States, in collaboration with Diplocat, FC Barcelona, ​​the US Soccer Foundation and AE Ramassà, a Catalan amateur club that is also an NGO and has been recognized by the UN for its cooperation and peace tasks.

The debate, which will take place on Thursday 10 September at 10.30 am (Eastern time), will be attended by the delegate of the Catalan Government to the USA, Isidre Sala; the president and CEO of the US Soccer Foundation, Ed Foster-Simeon; FC Barcelona's managnig director in the USA, Xavier O'Callaghan; former members of US soccer national team Charlie Davis and Saskia Webber; and the representative of AE Ramassà Carolina Ribalta. Catalan journalist Aurora Masip will present and moderate the debate.

A video recorded by mountaineer Araceli Segarra, a member of Diplocat's Advisory Board, and another one by NBA basketball player Ricky Rubio will be screened during the event. In addition to reflecting on the integrative role of sport in general, the debate also seeks to focus on the role it can play in overcoming racial tensions, an issue that is most current in the United States.