Diplocat awards eight scholarships for international studies abroad

Each grant is worth 25.000 euros

Diplocat, through its Scholarship Program, grants each year scholarships for Euro-Mediterranean studies at the College of Europe in Warsaw (Natolin campus) and scholarships for studying international relations, with a more general approach, at any foreign university.

This year's scholarship recipients are four female and four male students who these days are beginning their studies at the University of Constance (Germany), the University of Utrecht (Holland), the University of Uppsala (Sweden), the Institute of Political Studies of the University of Sciences Po in Paris (France), the London School of Economics and Political Science (Great Britain), and the Graduate Institute of Geneva (Switzerland).

Among the disciplines chosen are studies of public international law, Russia and Asia, culture and conflict, and European studies. Regarding the scholarships to study at the Natolin College of Europe, Diplocat maintains the desire to train specialists in issues specifically related to European neighborhood policy and Euro-Mediterranean policy, and two students have started a master's degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies. After meeting virtually with the scholarship holders on September 15, Diplocat's General Secretary, Laura Foraster, highlighted "the importance of this program in training talented young people in current topics and the enrichment for Catalonia when they come back".

Since 1982, Diplocat has awarded 294 scholarships, offering young Catalans the opportunity to complete their international training. This program allows graduates from Catalan universities to take master's or postgraduate courses on international relations in specialized university centers around the world. The objective is to train specialists in international relations, promote excellence and the internationalization of higher education and offer students the possibility to collaborate in the international projection of Catalonia and its public diplomacy.