Analysis of international public opinion

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia, Diplocat, listens to what international public opinion is saying about Catalonia and what issues are being discussed the most around the world.

As Nicholas J. Cull, professor and expert in public diplomacy at the University of Southern California, says, "the basis of sound public diplomacy has always been listening, which means interacting with the foreign public to get information, analyse it and incorporate it into decision-making and avenues of action".

In order to listen to what international public opinion is saying about Catalonia, Diplocat periodically undertakes three kinds of actions:

  •  Opinion surveys
  •  Foreign press analysis
  •  Social media monitoring

Diplocat reports the results to the consortium members so they can use this information in the way that best suits their agendas and keep it in mind in their international activities. At the same time, Diplocat also uses this information to design more efficient public diplomacy strategies and thus engage in constructive dialogue with international public opinion.


Last updated: 04/05/2020