Presentation of DIPLOCAT's international scholarship programme at the University of Barcelona

During an event aimed at those who want to study, work or do internships at European institutions and bodies

On Friday, 17 February, the University of Barcelona (UB) hosted an event in which the UNICAT Ambassadors project of the Catalan universities and DIPLOCAT's international scholarship programme were presented. The event also served as opening of the UB International Relations Alumni Club.

Elisabet Moragas, DIPLOCAT senior project manager, explained DIPLOCAT's lines of action, summarized in the motto "International dialogue: connect, project and empower". It is precisely in this third axis of training that the scholarship programme is framed. It's a programme that has been running for 40 years, enabling Catalan students to complete master's degrees in an international environment and deepen their knowledge of international relations or the European Union.

Jan Butí, UNICAT ambassador at the UB, explained the opportunities that young people have to do internships and work in European institutions and bodies; Francesc Almendros, president of the UB International Relations Alumni Club, spoke about the creation of this new alumni association; and Aleix Sarri, director of the Junts per Catalunya Europarliamentary Office, referred to the work and internship options at the European Parliament.

All the speakers agreed on the importance of having Catalans in the different European and international bodies, and encouraged the attendees to use the different ways and aids available to them in order to work in an international environment. Thirty people attended the event, which was also live broadcasted via streaming.