Trip to Geneva to top off the course on "Action in European and international bodies"

Organized by DIPLOCAT and the Delegation of the Catalan Government to Switzerland, 14 professionals take part in the programme

From today, Tuesday 20 June, DIPLOCAT and the Delegation of the Catalan Government to Switzerland are organizing a two-day study trip to Geneva as a final complement to the course "Action in European and international bodies". The trip will serve to identify interesting opportunities in Geneva, get to know first-hand the international organizations analyzed during the course and find out how to collaborate with them from the Catalan administrations and civil society. With this activity, DIPLOCAT encourages the implementation of the topics discussed during the course through direct contact with those in charge at these institutions and with Catalans who work there. Among the group of 14 people who have traveled to Geneva are personnel from the Catalan Ministries of Research and Universities, Justice, Equality and Feminism, and Foreign Action and the European Union, ACCIÓ, the Catalan Cooperation Agency, the City Council of Terrassa, the Regional Council of Osona, IBEI and the Table of the Third Social Sector of Catalonia.

The programme includes visits to different entities, both institutional and from the civil society, that take action before international bodies from different areas. There are visits planned to the Geneva Cities Hub to learn about the networking model of local and regional governments and their influence in global governance; the Geneva Environment Network, which works for the dissemination of information and public awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development; the International Labor Organization, as a model tripartite entity that includes institutions, companies and unions, and promotes social justice and internationally recognized human and labor rights; and the International Service for Human Rights, whose mission is to train, advise and work to strengthen human rights and ensure respect for them by institutions, companies and other non-state actors. There will also be a meeting with Catalans who work in international organizations, so that they can share their professional experience and the possibilities of creating networks and fruitful contacts.

The course on "Action in European and international bodies", which this year will have a second edition after the summer, is jointly organized by DIPLOCAT and the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI), in collaboration with the Catalan Ministry of Foreign Action and the European Union, and the School of Public Administration of Catalonia. The course, which is aimed exclusively at the staff of the Catalan public administrations and the member entities of DIPLOCAT, is specially designed to train professionals who have to act or have a relationship with international bodies, representing and defending their own interests with competence, efficiency and flexibility.