Shada Islam receives the APEC European Career Award

In an event held today in the Office of the European Parliament in Barcelona

Shada Islam has been awarded with the Ernest Udina European Career Award of the Association of European Journalists of Catalonia (APEC). Journalist and analyst of European affairs and one of the most influential women in Brussels according to Politico (2017), Islam was today at the European Parliament Office in Barcelona to collect the award. In addition to this Office and the representation of the European Commission in Barcelona, ​​the award also has the support of the College of Journalists of Catalonia and DIPLOCAT.

Collaborator of The Guardian, EUobserver and other European and international publications, the jury valued the analytical capacity of Shada Islam and her unequivocal defense of the European Union as an inclusive and plural union of equals, where European citizens of all ethnicities, cultures and religions feel at home. During her stay in the Catalan capital, Islam has spoken about key EU issues such as the incorporation of new member states or the upcoming European Parliament elections in 2024, and she has was particularly concerned about the advances of the extreme right in Europe.

Among those who have received this award in the past are Jaume Arias, Margarita Rivière, the sisters Lidia and Marina Gazzo of Agence Europe, Andreu Claret, Cristina Gallach, Martí Anglada, Soledad Gallego-Díaz, David Gardner, Eliseo Oliveras , Nick Malkoutzis, Samuel Aranda, Can Dundar, Griselda Pastor, Jean Quatremer, Anna Bosch, Judy Dempsey and Llibert Ferri.